Our distillery is specially designed by Mosgaard Whisky and hand built by extremely skilled craftsmen in Portugal. Thousands of hammer strokes have formed the raw copper plates to the shape we have wanted to achieve the specific taste profile which characterizes our products.

In the production process we take the time needed both of for mashing to get the right taste our of the wheat and barley malts but also during the fermentation we spend a little extra. We used double the time typically used in Scottish distilleries to avoid stressing the yeast which gives less unwanted flavoring from the yeast cells - they have the times to divide and grow in numbers slowly transforming malt sugar to alcohol in the raw wash.

After fermentation the raw wash is distilled twice - slow and gentle to insure the purest "new spirit" as our final product. A products with the taste and purity which characterizes our final matured Whisky with sweetness from the malt, fresh citric taste like a cider and floral notes like peaches a truly new and different experience from a Whisky.
The distillation process is monitored with great accuracy so we can meet the exact cut points - not too early and not too late. We taste and smell through out the process as not two distillations are alike.

After distillation the "New spirit" is filled to oak casks and stored in our cask storage warehouse specially built to purpose with the possibility of letting the seasons affect the maturation process.
It is important with the right humidity during maturation and the clean air from our surroundings in the country side and the effect from the nearby shore side helps us achieving a perfect climate. 
The oak wood breathes over the years and the whisky moves in out our through the inner part of the wood in the casks and in a fascinating process the alcohol reacts with the wood and extracts color and sweetness and numerous notes like caramel and vanilla all decided controlled by the changes of nature.
This process can be smelled and sensed in the warehouse as a part of the whisky evaporates from the cask over time as "angels share" this is an inevitable process neccesary for the maturation process and as a side effect it gives a dense smell and sensation in the warehouse which can be experienced when visiting.