Mosgaard Whisky

The distillery Mosgaard Whisky is situated in a scenic landscape on the south east side of the isle of fyn (Funen), built at a mansion like old farm with views of fields, apple plantations and the strait of Langeland.

South of Funen is known for its high quality in food production and Mosgaard Whisky is dedicated to lift the spirit and work onwards holding the tradition by developing high quality alcohol based on the best organic raw materials.

Mosgaard Whisky is a micro distillery with a production capacity less than 20,000 bottles per year which means we can produce everything with the right craftsmanship and ensure a very high quality in each bottle.

Mosgaard Whisky is founded in 2015 by Gitte and Jes Mosgaard and supported by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development .

Visit our distillery and enjoy our little café and boutique in lovely surroundings.

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