Mosgaard Whisky offers a range of organic gin's all like our whisky with a clean and complex taste.

Our gin's are perfect for cocktails, on the rocks or as they are so you can enjoy the full experience of the complex taste from our organic wheat malt and organic herbs.

Our gins are produced on a special designed vapor infusion distillation kettle and they are produced from start to end at our distillery through mashing of organic wheat, fermentation and double distillation. Second distillation is carried out with a mix of organic herbs, vegetables and citrus fruits where the alcohol fumes in the vapor infusion box meet the herbs and gently extracts aroma and oils from them which mixes with the sweetness from the wheat malt.

Dry Gin: Our new interpretation of the classic Dry Gin with a clean sensation of juniper resting on a body of herbs which envelopes and prolong the taste of the juniper and gently rounds it off with a long after taste of a mix of citrus. Ginger and the finest pepper gives it a bit of edge.

Tangerine Gin: a sweet sensation with floral notes over the sweetness from loads of almonds and a long intense aftertaste from tangerines which can be smelled over the juniper and coriander seeds.

Cask aged Gin: Based on our Dry gin the Cask aged gin is matured in oak casks which rounds it and adds a beautiful golden color to it as well as a sweetness together with charming notes of caramel, honey and vanilla. The cask gin is a splendid companion as an Avec to a good cup of coffee after dinner or can be used in cocktails if you have the heart for it.


We are constantly brewing and distilling after scottish principles with double distillation first from wash to low wine then to new spirit in the second distillation. The new spirit are stored and matured on a range of different 50 liters oak casks.

New spirit must be matured in a minimum of three years before it can be denoted whisky so we are waiting in patience for the first cask to be matured for bottling.

We use different types of oak casks built from wood with history. All casks are rebuilt to our specifications and have previously held the finest Oloroso or Pedro Ximenez Sherry, Port wine or Bourbon. If you want to follow the process you are welcome to visit the distillery for a tour where you can see, smell, taste and hear more abour it or you can participate in the maturation process by investing in our cask investment program.

The first whisky will be bottled in 2019 but already now we have our "Young Malt" ready which is our first Single Malt matured in small ex whisky casks. Our Young Malt is sweet and enjoyable with a rich fruity taste a worthy definition of our Single Malt taste from Funen produced on Scottish methods