Have you ever dreamt of investing in a Whisky cask?

If you have the dream of investing in a Whisky cask normally you have to be more than interested in order to follow the process due to the number of bottles coming out of even a small cask - but we have another solution for you.

Our new spirit is filled at 50 liters cask and will be matured for 3 years before becoming Whisky. After the maturation period about 6 liters have evaporated as Angels share and the remaining 44 liters cask strength is diluted to 40% ABV and will become around 140 bottles of Single Malt Whisky

What do you as a single person do with 140 bottles of excellent Single Malt?​ Even though your friends will be delighted and you easily can make more ... you can get enough of all good things. That is why we will keep the cask and pay you back your investment with an annual interest of 4% p.a. over the maturation period and 4 bottles from your investment cask as thanks for your help - a good deal for you and more manageable.

​If you want to drop by the distillery during the three years you are always welcome to visit your cask.

That sound too good to be true - let me know more about this (translation from Danish available on request)..